Monday, March 15, 2010

Challenge Confessions

Ok so last week I cheated a lot. On Thursday I noticed that one gas station hadn't gone up like the others around town so I pulled out my debit card and filled up, then it was in my hand and I went to whole foods to look for some frozen wild blueberries which I found and bought along with some candy out of the bulk bins.(The candy wasn't even that good) then I went to Target to get a few things. I can't even remember everything I got there I know I bought frozen chicken breasts and some fun sized snickers bars for a church thing, But I think there was one other thing I can't remember. Oh well, anyways on Saturday I went to Costco with my Mom and bought some Cream of mushroom soup and 2 gallons of vinegar and a bag of chicken nuggets for a friend. that night I even went to dinner with my roommate and spent $7 but that was for both of us, we shared a BLT from Jason's Deli.

   So with all that cheating last week I am starting today with $16 that I shouldn't have and a very vague menu plan. I am getting lazy and really need to get back into doing this right. I might make a few changes though. Gas prices have gone up to $2.84 a gallon and with as much as I need to drive that's over half of the $35 for the week. I was lucky to get $2.66 on Thursday and not all gas stations are very cash friendly. My new Idea is to put $20 a week into my second checking account and carry that debit card with me for gas or car related stuff.  I am still going to stay with the five dollars a day plan for food and fun but this makes my goal a little more attainable. I am recommitting myself to the goal of being debt free in one year from now. I will never turn down free food even if I don't like it and I will make sure I plan my meals out useing what I have and whats on sale.

                                                Wish me luck.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day Eight

Well I have made it through week one and I only cheated once, I needed some cake mixes for a class I was taking so I used $5 out of my change jar to buy them. I  didn't cave to temptation I caved to necessity. I would call my first week a success with a bit of a bump in the road. I made a detailed meal plan before I started and fallowed it pretty well. I did make a few changes in lunches and breakfasts but fallowed the dinner plans really well. 
On Monday I bought a pre-cooked chicken from Smiths for $5 and had it for dinner with my roommate served with potatoes and steamed asparagus. I turned the left over chicken into two servings of chicken noodle soup and four small pot pies. From one chicken I got 7 meals. I froze two of the pies, refrigerated one and ate one that night. On Friday I made chicken thighs with milk gravy,  potatoes and the other half  pound of asparagus for me and my two roommates.  Wow I just realized the I had a lot of chicken last week I even ate the other chicken pot pie tonight.