Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day Eight

Well I have made it through week one and I only cheated once, I needed some cake mixes for a class I was taking so I used $5 out of my change jar to buy them. I  didn't cave to temptation I caved to necessity. I would call my first week a success with a bit of a bump in the road. I made a detailed meal plan before I started and fallowed it pretty well. I did make a few changes in lunches and breakfasts but fallowed the dinner plans really well. 
On Monday I bought a pre-cooked chicken from Smiths for $5 and had it for dinner with my roommate served with potatoes and steamed asparagus. I turned the left over chicken into two servings of chicken noodle soup and four small pot pies. From one chicken I got 7 meals. I froze two of the pies, refrigerated one and ate one that night. On Friday I made chicken thighs with milk gravy,  potatoes and the other half  pound of asparagus for me and my two roommates.  Wow I just realized the I had a lot of chicken last week I even ate the other chicken pot pie tonight.

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