Thursday, August 26, 2010

Basic Granola

Have you ever looked for a granola recipe online and found a list of ingredients so long and obscure you turn and run to the store and buy a box a granola? They call for things like flax meal, sesame seeds, coconut flakes and unsweetened wheat germ. Its enough to make your head spin.

This recipe was given to me at a baby shower it is the most basic of basic, any other ingredient is just extra for flavor or health benefit. This is the recipe to start with to create your ideal granola by adding the kinds of things you like in store bought granola. In these pictures I made apple cinnamon flavor by using an Alpine Apple Cider Mix packet half mixed in with the honey and oil mix and half sprinkled over the granola as it baked.

Basic Granola

Heat together:
1/4 cup canola oil
1/4 cup honey
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon cinnamon

Once everything is mixed well and dissolved add 4 cups rolled oats and stir until well coated. Spread out onto a cookie sheet and bake at 250 for an hour stirring every 15 minutes or so.

Turn the oven off but let the granola and the oven cool down together stirring one more time. Store in an airtight container at room temperature.

I haven't tried this yet but I am sure if you pressed the granola down tightly into a 9X13 pan and baked it at 300 for 30 min cut into bars while still hot then letting it cool down before breaking apart you would have homemade granola bars.
I will try this soon and report back it would be a great snack for work (or school lunches.) If you try it let post a comment to tell me how it turns out.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Frozen Yogurt

Have you ever tried frozen yogurt? I have and it was love at first bite. I remember like it was yesterday...... 

We were introduced by some friends from church, I was I little unsure about it but they told me we would hit it off. It looked just like soft serve but WOW looks can be deceiving. I was so suprized by the tart flavor, my friends even giggled at my reaction. I ate it slowly, enjoyed every bite and was very sad when it was gone. I wanted to meet up every chance I had. I came up with any excuse to go.  

All kidding aside I couldn't keep going to Red Mango it was just too expensive, but any other place I went to wasn't as good.
After a while I thought I could make this at home!! Why hadn't I thought of the before? It would be easy to find a recipe online. You can find anything online. After combing though the results I found one that looked promising. I called Zipper (One of my frozen yogurt converts) who was all too willing to try it out with me. (She lived far away from any decent yogurt shop)We borrowed an ice cream maker and whipped up a batch. It wasn't quite right so we made some adjustments and tried again. Within a week we each had our own ice cream makers.

Tart Frozen Yogurt

1 Quart plain fat free yogurt (Greek style works best but any brand will do.)
3/4 Cup sugar
1 Teaspoon Vanilla

(Don't try and cheat by using vanilla flavored yogurt trust me its not as good. Okay? Plus if you get fat free vanilla yogurt you are also getting a sugar substitute which I try to avoid.)
Dump it all into your ice cream maker and give it a stir.

Add ice and salt( use more salt than you think you need it works faster)

This is what it looks like when its done:

Scoop it out and serve with the toppings of your choice. (I like raspberries and homemade granola best.)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A dinner FAIL to confess and Chicken Pot Pie

rFirst the story of my dinner FAIL:

Last week I was having a guy over for dinner (A guy I wanted to impress with my great cooking skills.) I wanted to make something unique and wonderful but I wouldn't have a lot of time to cook. I decided to make a really great side dish and veggies and buy one of those rotisserie chickens from the store. That was sure to impress and not be too expensive. ( no I didn't try to pass the chicken off as mine he knew I bought it)

So the day before I went to Winco and bought some Quinoa from the bulk bins for the side dish( Quinoa is a grain you can cook like rice, it has a nutty flavor and great texture. I have made it at work a few times and really liked it) While I was there I also bought some Millet for another recipe later in the week. I was careful to label both the bags with the bin number and what was in the bag because they look similar. ( You can see where my FAIL is going huh?)

Quinoa cooked and raw
Millet raw

I didn't check the labels and I cooked the millet by mistake!!! Millet isn't supposed to be cooked the same as Quinoa it needs more water and seasonings. It was dry and bland and just plain not good. This is what happens when you try to impress someone, you make a mistake you would never make if you were alone. Great guy though he ate it as did the rest of my guests and didn't complain even though I said they didn't have to.

I feel better confessing that. Now on to the main event:

I bought two chickens  for that dinner and had a lot leftover so I decided to make chicken pot pie last night . I didn't make a traditional pie that would have been too much to eat before it went bad. I made one "pie" just big enough for three ( me and my room mates) and four one serving "pies" to freeze for later.

I didn't use a traditional crust either, I used puff pastry and only on the top.( I have never been a big fan of pie crust but I love puff pastry) I used a oval cake pan and four of those disposable mini loaf pans but you can use what ever baking dish you want.

Chicken Pot Pie

2 cups cooked chicken cut into bite sized pieces
2 potatoes peeled and diced
1 1/3 cup diced carrots
frozen corn
frozen peas
1 10oz can Cream of Chicken soup
10 oz (one can) Milk
Salt and Pepper
one sheet puff pastry thawed and kept cool wrapped in a paper towel.(or Pie crust)

Place the carrots and potatoes in a medium sauce pan with an inch or two of water and bring to a boil then turn the unit off and let the residual heat partially cook the vegetables. Spread chicken over the bottom of whatever bake ware you are using, next layer the potatoes and carrots that have been drained and last layer the frozen vegetables. Mix together the cream of chicken soup and milk and pour over pie filling, Season liberally with salt and pepper. Trim the puff pastry to fit over the top of your bake ware and place over filling. Cut a few slits in the dough and if you wish brush with an egg wash to help browning.  Bake in a 400 degree oven for 30-60 min depending on the size of your pie.
Single serving "pies" the two on the left had their crusts pieced together with scraps not very pretty but they taste good. They were wrapped tightly in foil, labeled, and frozen for later.

The big "pie"  Yum!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Winco Bulk Price List Updated 8/3/10

I have once again taken the time to update the price list. You may be wondering, Why on earth would I spend an hour and a half checking the prices in the bulk section at Winco every few months?
When I went to Winco for the first time, I was blown away by their bulk section, they had everything and more. I though every thing was a great price and got a little carried away. After a while I started to think about how I shop, when I buy things like flour or sugar I look at the price per pound and mentally compare it with what I think is a good price. I started to think how nice it would be to compare all the items available in the bulk section at Winco with like items at other stores that don't offer a bulk section. Now when I think I have found a good deal on something I check it agenst this list and see if it would be cheaper to buy it at Winco. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't, but I like being able to check. I have found the even the same thing (dry beans) in a one pound bag on the shelf at Winco costs more than buying one pound from the bulk bin. Feel free to copy and print this list to take with you to the store I know I have loved having it.

Please note that I am not affiliated in anyway with Winco foods I am just trying to keep a current list for myself and others to use as a reference when shopping .
All prices are per pound unless otherwise stated (e.g. Each)
All prices marked with an * are green tag or sale prices.
These prices were gathered at the Winco Foods 700 West, 7200 South, Midvale, Utah.
*Prices and selection may change at anytime and may vary from store to store.


Almonds,whole $3.78
Almonds, chopped $3.67
Almonds, slivered $3.52
Almonds, salted $3.48
Almonds, smoked $3.48
Almonds, Timari $4.58
Almonds,sliced $3.44
Brazils $5.18
Cashew pieces, salted $3.48
Cashew pieces, raw $2.87
Cashew Whole $5.15
Hazel Nuts $4.58
Macadamia $12.22
Mixed Nuts, unsalted $3.56*
Mixed Nuts, with peanuts $3.58*
Mixed Nuts, deluxe mix $5.08
Mixed Nuts, honey roasted $4.08
Pecans halves $8.55
Pecan pieces $7.47
Peanuts, unsalted $1.42
Peanuts, dry $1.48
Peanuts, roasted $1.42
Peanuts, salted Spanish $1.64
Peanuts, raw Spanish $1.42
Peanuts, in shell $1.14
Pine nuts $19.98
Pistachio Kernels $9.22
Pistachios, in shells $4.69
Soy nuts, salted $1.26
Walnuts, medium pieces $3.30
Walnuts, halves, pieces $3.32
Walnuts, glazed $3.77

Dried Fruit

Adriatic Figs $3.19
Apple rings $2.75
Apricots $3.14
Apricot Coconut Logs$4.00
Bananas $1.51
Black Mission Figs $2.83
Blueberries $7.46
Cranberries $3.67
Cran-cherries $3.65
Cran-strawberries $3.65
Cherries $6.39
Dates, whole $2.33
Dates, chopped $1.73
Mangos $2.75
Mango Pineapple $1.37
Mangos with Chile $3.60
Papaya Spears $1.82
Pineapple $2.03
Pineapple with Chile $2.68
Prunes $1.83
Raisins $1.56
Raisins, golden $2.28
Strawberries $3.65
Tomatoes $3.90


Angel hair $0.74
Bowties $0.93
Cous-cous $1.78
Cous-cous,tricolor $1.88
Duros $1.44
Eggnoodles, extra wide$1.10
Eggnoodles, whole wheat $1.35
Fettuccine $0.79
Fusilli $0.78
Lasagna $1.26
Linguine $0.74
Macaroni $0.74
Macaroni, whole wheat $0.92
Macaroni, salad $0.74
Gluten Free Elbow Macaroni $1.55
Orzo $0.74
Penne Rigate $0.74
Penne Mostacelli $0.74
Penne, whole wheat $0.94
Rainbow Radiatore $1.08
Rainbow Rotelle $1.09
Rigatoni $0.74
Rotini $0.74
Rotelle, whole wheat $0.91
Shells, small $0.74
Shells, medium whole wheat $1.91
Shells, large $0.74
Spaghetti $0.74
Spaghetti, whole wheat $0.98
Spaghetti, organic $1.23
Wagon Wheel $0.78

Tricolor Tortellini $4.43
Cheese Ravioli $4.43
Parmesan cheese $3.76
Parmesan Romano cheese $3.98


Adzuki $1.67
Black $0.87
Black Eyed Peas $0.90
Flor De Mayo Beans $1.76
Garbanzo $0.77
Great Northern $0.79
Hominy $0.49
Kidney $0.75
Lentils $0.73
Lentils,red $1.22
Lima, baby $0.81
Lima, large $1.21
Maya Coba $1.08
Navy $0.74
Pink $0.91
Pinto $0.55
Red, small $0.80
Soy $0.70
Soup Mix, beanland $0.90
Soup Mix, 13 bean $1.08
Split Peas, green $0.48
Split Peas, yellow $0.49


Arborio $1.76
Basmati $1.18*
Basmati, Brown $1.29
Bistro Blend Rice $2.95
Brown, short $0.74
Brown, organic $1.76
Converted Rice $0.61
Jasmine $0.88
Jasmine, brown $1.12
Jubilee Rice Mix $2.07
Lentil Rice Blend $2.65
Long grain, White $0.48
Long grain, brown $0.53
Pearl rice $0.75
Pearl barley $0.40
Wild Rice $8.18
Wild Rice, lemon Herb $3.90
Wild Rice pilaf $3.53


Allspice, ground $5.24
Allspice, whole $5.06
Basil $2.20
Bay Leaves, whole $4.00
BBQ seasoning $2.33
Beef Soup Base $3.92
Bacon Salt $8.90
Brown Gravy Mix $2.30
Cardamom $14.18
Cayenne $2.41
Celery Seed, whole $2.22
Cheese Sauce Mix $5.31
Country Gravy Mix $2.59
Chicken Gravy Mix $2.76
Chicken Soup Base $3.32
Chili Powder $2.84
Chili Powder, extra hot $2.99
Chives $11.10
Cilantro $8.80
Cinnamon $1.64
Cinnamon Sticks $2.40
Cloves $6.13
Cloves, whole $6.98
Cracked Peppercorn Herb Blend $3.71
Cream of Tartar $5.67
Cream Soup Base $4.78
Croutons, cheese/garlic $2.69
Croutons, small seasoned $2.48
Croutons, large seasoned $2.51
Croutons, Multi-grain Cheese/Garlic $3.18
Crushed chili peppers $2.38
Cumin $3.38
Curry $2.67
Dill Seed, whole $2.32
Dill Weed $6.13
Falafel Mix $3.15
Garlic, minced $2.58
Garlic, granulated $2.58
Garlic salt $1.43
Garlic powder $2.66
Ginger, ground $3.20
Ginger, crystallized $2.31
Ground pepper $3.53
Hummus Mix $4.50
Imitation Bacon bits $1.49
Instant Refried Beans $4.46
Instant Potatoes ( flakes )$1.08
Italian seasoning $4.35
Lemon Pepper $3.52
Mustard, ground $2.49
Nature’s Burger Mix $3.01
Nutmeg $8.08
Onion Salt $1.46
Onion, chopped $3.38
Onion, minced $3.29
Onion, granulated $3.38
Onion Powder $2.76
Onion Soup Mix $2.76
Oregano $3.11
Paprika $3.82
Parsley $4.97
Peppercorns $4.18
Peppersteak Seasoning $4.49
Pickling Spice $2.58
Poppy Seeds $4.17
Poultry Seasoning $4.37
Pizza Seasoning $3.98
Pumpkin Pie Spice $3. 11
Roasted Garlic Pepper Blend $3.71
Rosemary $2.58
Sage, rubbed $5.27
Salt, Iodized $0.23
Sea Salt $0.21
Seasoning Salt $2.03
Sesame Seeds $2.86
Stuffing Mix $2.69
Tabouli $3.69
Taco seasoning $2.39
Thyme $5.07
TVP $1.88
Vegetable Blend Soup Mix $6.06
Yeast, instant $3.09

Spice Bottle, small $0.84
Spice Bottle, medium $1.16
Spice Bottle, large $1.32

Honey & PB station

Clover Honey $3.32
Blackberry Honey $3.54
Orange Honey $3.45
Almond Butter $3.96
Peanut Butter $1.48


Baking Powder $1.01
Baking Soda $0.48
Bitter Sweet Chocolate $4.38
Brown Sugar $0.60
Buckwheat Flour $1.68
Buckwheat Grouts $2.88
Buttermilk Biscuit Mix $0.84
Bulgar Wheat $1.21
Brownie Mix $1.07
Butter Scotch Chips $2.28
Carob Chips $2.01
Chocolate melty $2.28
Chow Mein Noodles $1.53
Chicken Breading Mix $1.22
Cinnamon Imperials (red hots) $1.55
Cocoa $2.78
Coconut, Sweet flaked $1.77
Coconut, unsweetened $1.45
Corn Grits Polenta $0.76
Cornmeal $0.50
Cornstarch $0.76
Cracked Wheat $0.36
Dark Chocolate melty $2.23
Dark Chocolate chips $2.63
Dark Chocolate chunk $3.07
Dark Rye Flour $1.15
Demerara Raw Cane Sugar $1.10
Farina Cereal $1.19
Flax Seeds $0.56
Flax Seeds, golden $0.84
Flax Seeds, meal $1.57
Fructose $1.43
Gluten Flour $2.56
Granola $1.58
Groats Whole Oats $0.85
Hulled Millet $0.43
Instant Nonfat Milk $2.52
Italian bread crumbs $0.74
M&M,Minis $4.26
Milk Chocolate chips$2.76
Milk Chocolate chunk $3.21
Muffin mix, corn muffin $1.76
Muffin mix, blueberry $1.06
Muffin mix, spiced apple $1.26
Nutritional Yeast $6.94
Oats, Steel Cut $0.86
Oats, 5 grain $1.06
Oats, 7 grain $1.03
Oats, 10 grain $1.10
Oats, organic $0.92
Oatmeal, Scottish $0.46
Oat Bran $0.85
Old Fashioned Oats $0.51
Organic Cane Sugar $1.18
Pancake Mix, 10 Grain $1.55
Pancake Mix, buttermilk $0.69
Panko Bread Crumbs $1.51
Piloncillo Wrapped $0.70
Pie Crust Mix $1.35
Pizza Crust Mix $0.77
Potatoes, Shredded $1.56
Potatoes, Sliced $1.54
Powdered Sugar $0.63
Quick Oats $0.50
Quina Grain $3.52
Rainbow toppings, (Sprinkles) $2.42
Rolled Red Wheat Flakes $0.64
Reese’s PB Chips $2.88
Semi Sweet chocolate chips $2.52
Semi Sweet mini chocolate chips $2.52
Semolina Flour $1.57
Soy Flour $1.22
Spelt Flour $1.38
Sugar $0.47
Tapioca Pearls $1.55
Tapioca Flour $1.28
Triticale Berries $0.63
Vanilla Chips $2.19
Vanilla melty $2.28
Wheat Bran $0.39
Wheat Berry Kernels $0.42
Wheat germ $0.90
White Flour $0.27
White Flour, unbleached $0.27
White Rice Flour $1.04
White Cake Flour $0.37
White Bread Flour $0.42
Whole Wheat Flour $0.41
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour $0.68
Whole Wheat Bread Flour $0.52

Breakfast Cereal

40% Bran flakes $1.47
Breakfast Orange Drink Mix $1.22
Bunch ‘O Crunch Cereal $1.62
Cherry Vanilla Cereal $2.41*
Cocoa Mix, Hot/Cold $1.02
Cocoa Munchie Cereal $1.75
Coffee Creamer $1.31
Corn Flakes $1.57
Crisp Rice Cereal $1.67
French Vanilla Cereal $2.41
Frosted Shredded Wheat Cereal $1.50
Fruit & Nut Granola $2.21*
Fruit Whirls Cereal $1.74
Granola, Almond Cluster $1.61
Granola, Almond Raisin $1.63
Granola, Apple Pecan $1.58
Granola, Blueberry Flax $2.41*
Granola, Cinnamon Raisin $1.58
Granola,Cranberry Almond$1.58
Granola, French Vanilla $1.63
Granola, Honey Almond $1.45
Granola, Honey Raisin Cashew $1.58*
Granola, Lowfat Apple Cinnamon $1.58
Granola, Lowfat Strawberry Raspberry $2.28*
Granola, Peanut Butter $2.88
Granola, Maple Nut $1.58
Happy Shapes Cereal $1.88
Honey Nut Toasted Oats $1.79
Granola $2.28
Muesli Cereal $1.78
Punch Drink Mix $1.21
Raisin Bran $1.91
Soy Protein Powder $4.97
Sugar Frosted Flakes $1.59
Toasted oats Cereal $1.68
Cereal Bowls $0.48Each
Apple Cinnamon Cereal Bar $0.26 Each
Strawberry Cereal Bar $0.26Each

Tea Bags $0.09 Each
Camomile Tea
Chai Spice Tea
English Breakfast Tea
Eral Grey Tea
Green Tea
Peppermint Tea
Orange Spice Tea
Raspberry Tea


Animal Crackers $1.46
Apricot Almond Bars $0.75 Each
Back Country Bar $2.18
Blazing Trail Mix $2.25*
Caramel Popcorn $2.85
Cashew Mango Bars $0.75 Each
Cheese Curls $2.18
Cheese Curls, HOT $2.38
Chex Mix $2.93
Chocolate Delight Mix $2.28
Cranberry Almond Mix $3.48*
Cranberry Mix $2.74
Crunch Sweet/Spicy $2.37
Deluxe Trail Mix $2.27
Flax Seed Corn Chip $2.41
Fortune Cookies $0.06 each
Fruit Salad $2.88*
Garelettos Snack Mix$2.69
Goldfish $2.94
Honey Roasted Mini-Chip $2.74
Iced Animal Cookies $2.48
Island Delight Mix $2.03
Kebbler Cheese/PB Sandwich $0.38 Each
Kebbler PB/Jelly Sandwich $0.38 Each
Knott Heath English toffee $0.38 Each
Kebbler Cheese/Cheese Sandwich $0.38 Each
Kraft Cheese Crackers$.41 Each
Macaroons $3.40
Marshmallow Munchie Treat$0.33
Mallow Crisp Bars $3.57
Moon Pie Vanilla and Strawberry $0.48 Each
Mt. Hood Mix $2.47*
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie $0.28 Each
Oriental Rice Crackers $2.08
Organic Mt Rainer Mix $7.47
Pacific Crest Trail Mix $1.88
Papa Giki Cookies $1.15
Paradise Mix $2.06
Party Mix $2.10*
Pilot Bread $2.79
Popcorn Butter $0.32 Each
Popcorn Extra Butter $0.32 Each
Popcorn Light Butter $0.32 Each
Popcorn, yellow $0.64
Popcorn, white $0.69
Porkrinds $4.97
Pretzels Mini Twist $1.89
Pretzel Sticks $1.89
Pretzel Balls $0.94
Pretzels, Peanut Butter $3.08
Samurai Peanut Mix $2.08
Sesame Snaps $0.52 Each
Sesame Stix $2.36
Snack Mix $2.55
Snack Mix Berry $0.38 Each
Snack mix, Cheddar$2.49
Spicy Curry Mix $3.02*
Super Deluxe Trail Mix $2.13*
Sweet&Salty mix $2.54
Szechuan Sesame Mix $2.73*
Tamari Almonds $4.28
Taste of the Orient Mix $2.28*
Toasted Corn $1.82
Toasted Corn, Ranch $1.83
Toasted Corn, Cajan $1.87
Vanilla and Chocolate Wafer Cookies $1.82
Wasabi Peas $2.05
Whole Wheat Fig Bars $3.63


Almonds, Butter Toffee $4.88
Almonds, Chocolate $3.42
Almonds,Chocolate Organic $8.01
Almonds, Yogurt $3.13
Andes $3.92
Assorted Wrapped Candy $1.68
Atomic Fireballs $1.58
Banana Chips, Chocolate Covered $2.63
Bit ‘O Honey $2.55
Boston Baked Beans $1.88
Bubble Gum Balls $2.19
Candy Corn $1.38*
Candy Necklaces $0.15 each
Caramel Apple Pops $2.47
Charm Blow Pops $1.99
Chocolate Bridge Mix $3.58
Chocolate Gold Coins $6.20
Chocolate Gummy Bears $2.92
Chocolate Malt Balls $2.84
Chocolate Orange Sticks $3.63
Chocolate Peanut Clusters $3.68
Chocolate Pecans $5.90
Chocolate Rocks $3.72
Chocolate Walnuts $5.37
Cinnamon Bears with Chocolate$2.66
Coffee Beans, Dark Chocolate $4.18
Coffee Beans, Milk Chocolate $3.98
Dark Chocolate Cranberries $3.94
Fruit Snacks $1.80
Fruit Sours $1.65
Good n Plenty $2.13
Gum Drops $1.08
Gummy Apple Os $1.78
Gummy, Assorted Seasonal $1.68 or $1.88
Gummy Bears $1.58
Gummy Grapefruit $2.69
Gummy Peaches $1.78
Gummy Sharks $1.78
Gummy Sour Worms $1.78
Gummy Worms $1.58
Hershey Minis $4.41
Hersheys Kisses $4.38
Hersheys Nuggets $4.38
Hersheys, Assorted $3.98*
Hot Tamales $2.16
Jaw Breakers $1.58
Jelly Beans, $0.98*
Jelly Beans, black $1.35
Jelly Beans, gourmet $3.77
Jelly Bellies, any $7.18
Jordan Almonds $3.76
Jumbo Jaw Breakers $2.63
Laffy Taffy $2.53
Lemon Drops $1.48
Lemon Heads $1.58
Licorice Mix $1.90
Licorice, assorted $2.40
Licorice, black bites $2.10
Licorice, black stick $3.39
Licorice, red bites $2.10
M&M's, original $3.93
M&Ms,peanut $3.93
Mike&Ikes $2.16
Mints, Alpine $4.86
Mints, Butter $2.33
Mints, Dainty $2.39
Mints, Pastel Large $2.78
Mints, Pastel Petite $2.88
Mint Patties $2.53
Orange Slices $1.08
Peanuts, Butter Toffee $1.64
Peanuts, Butter Toffee Coconut $1.57
Peanuts, Chocolate $2.52
Peanuts, French Burnt $1.92
Pretzels, Chocolate $2.29
Pretzels, Yogurt $2.38
Pumpkin Kernels, Raw $4.19
Pumpkin Seeds, Roasted Salt $2.96
Raisins, Chocolate Covered $2.58
Raisins, Dark Chocolate $3.27
Raisins, Yogurt Covered $2.35
Reeses Pieces $3.48
Reeses Mini Peanut Butter Cups $4.38
Reeses Peanut Peanut Butter Cup $2.85
Runts $2.13
Salt Water Taffy $1.88
Skittles $2.89
Snickers $4.39 Sour Belts, Green Apple $3.98
Sour Belts, Peach $3.98
Sour Belts, Strawberry $4.95
Sour Belts, Stripped $3.98
Sour Patch kids $2.40
Spice Drops $1.08
Starburst, original $3.53
Strawberries, Dark Chocolate $4.82
Sunbursts $3.72
Sunflower Kernel, no salt $1.34
Sunflower Kernel, salted $1.37
Sunflower Kernels, Honey Roast $1.61
Sunflower Kernels, Raw $1.00
Sunflower seeds, raw $0.83
Sunflower seeds, salted $1.03
Swedish Fish, mini $2.40
Swedish Fish, red $2.40
Tootsie Pops $2.55
Tootsie Rolls, assorted $2.35
Truffles, Dark Chocolate $4.24
Yogurt Peanut Cluster $3.16
Yogurt Peanut $2.39


SF= Sugar Free

NSA= No Sugar Added

Equal Packets $0.03 Each
Splenda Packets $ 0.03 Each


Almond Clusters SF $5.98
Almond Crunch SF $5.98
Almonds, Chocolate SF $5.98
Almonds, Dark Chocolate SF $5.98
Almonds, Jordan NSA $6.59
Bridge Mix NSA $4.69
Butterscotch SF $3.58
Caramels, SF $5.98
Cashew Cluster NSA $5.71
Cashews, Chocolate SF $5.98
Chk O Stick SF $4.55
Chocolate Malt NSA $4.52
Chocolate Pretzel NSA $4.71
Cinnamon Bear $4.00
Coconut Clusters NSA $4.48
Dark Chocolate SF $5.09
Fruit Button SF $3.38
Gela Mix SF $3.38
Gum Drops $4.04
Gummy Bears SF $2.68
Gummy Worms SF $2.58
Macadamia, NSA $5.98
Milk Chocolate SF $ 3.95
Mint, Meltaway SF $5.98
Peanut Butter Cups NSA $6.54
Peanut Butter Meltaway NSA $5.61
Peanut Cluster NSA $5.78
Peanuts, Chocolate Low Carb $6.35
Peanuts, Chocolate NSA $4.48
Peanuts, Dark Chocolate NSA $4.31
Pecan Cluster NSA $6.23
Peppermint, SF $5.98
Raisins, Chocolate NSA $4.48
Raisins, Dark Chocolate NSA $4.31