Friday, August 13, 2010

Frozen Yogurt

Have you ever tried frozen yogurt? I have and it was love at first bite. I remember like it was yesterday...... 

We were introduced by some friends from church, I was I little unsure about it but they told me we would hit it off. It looked just like soft serve but WOW looks can be deceiving. I was so suprized by the tart flavor, my friends even giggled at my reaction. I ate it slowly, enjoyed every bite and was very sad when it was gone. I wanted to meet up every chance I had. I came up with any excuse to go.  

All kidding aside I couldn't keep going to Red Mango it was just too expensive, but any other place I went to wasn't as good.
After a while I thought I could make this at home!! Why hadn't I thought of the before? It would be easy to find a recipe online. You can find anything online. After combing though the results I found one that looked promising. I called Zipper (One of my frozen yogurt converts) who was all too willing to try it out with me. (She lived far away from any decent yogurt shop)We borrowed an ice cream maker and whipped up a batch. It wasn't quite right so we made some adjustments and tried again. Within a week we each had our own ice cream makers.

Tart Frozen Yogurt

1 Quart plain fat free yogurt (Greek style works best but any brand will do.)
3/4 Cup sugar
1 Teaspoon Vanilla

(Don't try and cheat by using vanilla flavored yogurt trust me its not as good. Okay? Plus if you get fat free vanilla yogurt you are also getting a sugar substitute which I try to avoid.)
Dump it all into your ice cream maker and give it a stir.

Add ice and salt( use more salt than you think you need it works faster)

This is what it looks like when its done:

Scoop it out and serve with the toppings of your choice. (I like raspberries and homemade granola best.)

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